We offer a complete spectrum of full-service interior design.

I love big dreams. I love brilliant ideas. I LOVE designing the room to fit your mind and spirit. It’s who I am. That’s why I offer a variety of services to help cater to your needs and bring your vision into fruition.


Full Project Design and Management

Redefining your space can be an ultra time-demanding task. Floor plans, color schemes, wall adjustments, focal points…it get’s overwhelming. I’m here for you. From concept to construction, we use your big ideas as inspiration to give you the look you’re dreaming of.

This is the full “head-to-toe” makeover for your space. Whether you need more play room for the little ones, some pristine new flooring — or even if it’s just time for a change—I’m here to make that happen.


Interior Styling & Decor

Sometimes, your space just needs a new flavor of life; a refresh. Or maybe you’ve just moved and you’re a little unsure of how to define a room. This option is for you. Using the latest trends along with your preferences and inspiration, we give your space a fresh spin. From drapery to throw pillows, we’ll help give your space that home feel it needs.


Designer for a Day

If you’re taking on a project all on your own (kudos to you) and need some professional insight on where to buy furniture, how to talk to contractors, understanding lighting, ect…I’m your girl. Designer for a day is meant to help you through the marathon process of bringing your design dreams to life with my expertise. Trust me, I know what you’re going through. Call me today, and I’ll help the process go faster, smoother and more efficiently.


On-Site Consultation

Each project should start with an initial consultation. This way I can take a peek at your space, jot a few notes, absorb your ideas and personally get to know you. I can help develop your idea based on your budget and formulate the path going forward. Consultations are charged by the hour. Set up that consultation today, here.


**Additional Services are available on request. These can range anywhere from Paint-only consultations to window treatments. For general inquires about our services click here, or email me at kellyn@kellyndean.com. And if you’re ready to set up a consultation, you can do that here.